What is Darkness on the Edge of Town?

A Bruce Springsteen song. Well not just a Bruce Springsteen song. A d20 modern campaign, which ain’t that modern, Darkness on the Edge of Town is a RPG pulled from my warped mind and given a retro twist. Inspirations from digital media such as Stranger Things, Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Alan Wake, Back to the Future, Miami Vice, Rambo and pretty much any Bruce Springsteen heartland rock album, give way to many of the plot devices and settings for Darkness on the Edge of Town, while the players do a great job of not completely ruining the continuing story and events with their play styles.

The campaign started some odd 9ish Sessions ago, when our everyday heroes found themselves in the sleepy, isolated, fictional, Washington State town of New Pines. For whatever their reasons, the players had all made their way to the town’s favorite bar, Hunters, and from there a series of events unfolded that have confused, shocked, angered and excited them. That fateful night words were exchanged, a jukebox was broken, arrests were made and a favor was asked, one which set them on their path into uncovering the secrets of this not so sleepy town, and exploring the disturbed woods around it.

Some notable events the gang have done between that first session and now include:

  • Discovering the woods around town are home to a dangerous type of beast.
  • Teaming up with the then local Deputy.
  • Making a tough choice as to save a could-be loyal ally or a helpless little girl.
  • Meeting a mysterious native America woman who chose to help them.
  • Uncovering a deadly curse on the town and learning about finding the totems needed to stop it.
  • Exploring the old mines in the woods and learning about a brutal, hidden past of the town.
  • Defeating a couple of hit-men who were sent after them.
  • Having a party thrown in their honor for finding the local missing girl.
  • Rowing out to the old lighthouse isle on the lake and discovering a dark secret buried below.
  • Being arrested for possession of firearms, which subsequently turned out to be a set-up on the part of the corrupt Sheriff.
  • Met a broken war veteran with a taste for drink.
  • Escaping the set up with an injured witness who they can hope will clear their name.

And that’s only half of it.

In the most recent session, our heroes find themselves in hiding from the town, hoping that the witness can pull through. Whilst they hope for his recovery, Shay the native-American woman, has lead them towards where she thinks something fishy is going on. After gearing up and traveling for a day in the North West wilderness, they have found their way to a long forgotten Mormon fort. After some investigation they have discovered a dungeon leading below the structure, but only time will tell what other horrors lie below…

Darkness on the Edge of Town

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