The Big Bad Guy


Blackdog was a slave owned by the Hills family in the 19th Century. Despite his slave status he was afforded a position of power within the family. Blackdog served as an enforcer for the Hills’, and was placed in charge of other slaves, as well as the day-to-day running of The Grand Hills Mining Company.

Blackdog was a violent and dangerous man, and when sought by the United States Government, slaughtered his fellow slaves in the mines. Legend has it he made a deal with demons and created 7 totems to curse the land. He vowed he would return one day and avenge the Hills family.

There are some who believe Blackdog is still alive, with rumoured sightings across Native American reservations. Shay claims that Blackdog is responsible for the Doggos, having killed and enslaved others and transforming them into beasts.


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