Bob Lochlan

Ambulance Driver


Bob Lochlan was an ambulance driver for New Pines Medical Center. He was friends with Anna, whom he held an unrequited love for. He had a brother, Gerard, who runs the New Pines Historical Society.

When the heroes were searching fora missing child, Anna persuaded Bob to come and help. He was kidnapped by Doggos in the woods, and taken to the Hills Manor House. Bob was locked in a cage in the basement alongside Susan Greetham, where the heroes were forced to make a decision as to which of the two would be released, and which would be fed to Doggos.

The heroes chose to save Susie, and Doggos attacked Bob, tearing his stomach open. Luke shot and killed Bob as a mercy killing. His body was lost when the Manor House burned to the ground.

Anna later made a symbolic grave to remember Bob.

Bob Lochlan

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