Jack Bosch

Saving people, smashing things.


A fireman from New York in town on a fishing trip across the States.

Jack arrived in town and was lured to Hunter’s Bar with the offer of a free drink. There he met Anna, Luke, and Leslie, and was approached by Sally Greetham to help find her missing daughter Susie. A fight broke out with Sally’s husband Dutchie after Jack and Luke forced him to leave, and Jack was arrested along with the other heroes.

Jack joined the heroes in searching for Susie Greetham under guidance from John, and travelled to the Hills Manor House in the forest surrounding New Pines. Jack and the heroes found Bob and Susie, along with The Hooded Figure and several Doggos. When the heroes saved Susie, Jack carried her to safety.

Back in town, Jack went to visit Sally Greetham with Leslie, and again got in a physical altercation with Dutchie, who was stopping his wife from leaving the house and seeing their child. Jack visited John’s house, and met his girlfriend Holly there. Along with the other heroes, Jack was led to John’s cabin, and took a room with Luke. In the cabin, Jack repaired the ham radio, allowing the heroes to contact John in case of emergency.

While investigating the Grand Hills Mining Company in town, Jack and Leslie visited Gerard Lochlan and Randy and learned about Marcus and Gustav Hills. The heroes later met former mayor Eric Johnson who explained the town’s past and the fate of the Hills brothers.

At the New Pines Mine, Jack acquired a pickaxe, and used it to dispatch several doggos and mummies. There the heroes met Shay, who told them of Blackdog and the Totems. Having discovered that no totems were present in the mines, the heroes left, and Jack destroyed the entrance using dynamite.

The following morning when the heroes were attacked by two assassins, Jack shot and killed one as he tried to flee. Having taken someone’s life, Jack was shaken, and visited the New Pines Fire House on a trip of nostalgia. He met Chief Tom Ronson there, and the two discussed their lives. Tom was familiar with the big fire in Queens the previous year, which Jack had been involved in.

At a party thrown in the heroes’ honour at Hunter’s Bar, Jack and Luke took cocaine and learned of Red Eye Island. Sally baked a pecan pie for the heroes and presented it to Jack in thanks for saving Susie’s life. After the party, Jack and the heroes encountered Gorman and Layla and The Thin Man, where Jack drunkenly chased off the aggressor.

Jack travelled to Red Eye Island with the heores and while there questioned Leslie on her family, and what she was doing everything for. She asked the same, and he vaguely replied that he had nobody who cared anymore. Under the lighthouse, Jack, along with the other heroes, tried to barter with The Demon over the Fish Totem. He was shown a vision of [SPOILERS] and considered killing his companions as asked, but didn’t. After Luke shot the Man Totem in an attempt to break it, Jack dropped grenades, which blew the totem, and the surrounding area, out into the water.

Jack was arrested along with the other heroes by Dan Hotree and the entire New Pines Sherrif’s Office on return to town. In a prison van he met Frank, and tried to lead the other prisoners in an effort to tip the van, but was unsuccessful. At Washington State Earth & Power, Jack knocked out Hotree, and drove the prison van during the ensuing fight, running over 4 latino gang members as well as Hotree himself. With Leslie’s help, Jack buried the Sheriff.

Jack and Frank drove Jason, a wounded deputy, to New Pines Medical, before destroying evidence of the shootout in a fire. With everything falling apart, Jack phoned his wife Elle Bosch in Brooklyn, and said he planned on going home when everything was finished. Later that day, Acting Sheriff John deputised Jack and the other heroes, before Jack and John broke Jason out of New Pines Medical and brought him to the cabin.

Jack travelled to the Mormon Fort with the other heroes and discovered the tunnels beneath the well. He teamed with Frank to explore, and killed several doggos along the way.

Jack Bosch

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