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Darkness on the Edge of Town

A d20 modern campaign, where the player characters are trying to save the fictional town of New Pines from a dark mysterious threat. The campaign is set in 1983, on a timeline that is relatively untouched from our own, with the exceptions of the character’s existing as well as fictional towns and places. New Pines is where the action takes place, a fictional small town located in the heart of the Washington State wilderness. Theme inspirations sprout from digital media such as Stranger Things, Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and Bruce Springsteen heartland rock albums. In the story so far, our heroes Anna, Jack Bosch, Leslie Knope, Luke are working against dark supernatural forces and local corruption, to find 7 carved totems and destroy them. Upon doing so, a deadly curse will be lifted that currently threatens the town and all who live there.

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Main Page

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